Debit Card or Check?


Over the years many people have written checks to pay bills or make purchases.  Then around the mid-1970s debit cards were introduced.  People were slow to adopt them but around 2009 they really started to take off.  Now more and more people prefer them for various reasons.

When you write a check, you are giving someone your basic information - such as your name, address, where you bank and your account number.  Fraudsters love this information because it could be the beginning of their quest to defraud you!

Debit cards do not contain this type of information.  They do, however, have an account number that you have to guard.  But did you know that with Card Valet from Liberty National Bank, you have control over your debit card?  You can turn on alerts so you know when a charge hits your card.  You can set up parameters such as limits, locations, and merchants.  You can even turn it on and off at your discretion.  These are just a few of the benefits of the LNB debit card.  Want to know more?  Check out the LNB tutorial at

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