The History of Our Financial Institution

Liberty National Bank is a real bank for real people; a bank you can trust in and grow with.
We believe in hard work, can-do attitudes, and helping people get ahead.
Above all, we’re committed to providing our customers with personalized banking relationships based on their individual needs and financial goals.

Our History

History - Bank of Elgin 486For well over a century, Liberty National Bank has been tied to the land and the people of Oklahoma.

Rising amidst the grasslands and rolling hills in the town of Elgin, Oklahoma, before Oklahoma earned its statehood, Liberty National Bank began as the Bank of Elgin.

The Bank of Elgin was established in 1902 as a state bank by J.A. Butler and F.R. Dykeman, with its building situated on Main Street. In 1906, a businessman and banker from Iowa named Wilbert W. Brunskill moved to Elgin and acquired the bank from Dykeman and Butler. Brunskill then sold the bank in 1908 and spent the next six years focusing on other local business affairs.

History - Bank of Elgin 488In 1914, Brunskill reacquired the Bank of Elgin, serving as president and owner. Shortly thereafter, the bank grew to $5,000 in capital stock with $3,500 in surplus. These assets enabled the bank to play a considerable role in the local enterprise and energy that went into the commercial and agricultural development in the early part of the 20th century.

Fast forward to 1997, when another local businessman with a vision for growth and development, stepped into the picture. The businessman was Clayton L. Green, Jr., simply known by most as “Buddy”.

What began as a lunch between two business friends quickly evolved into a promising business opportunity. Less than a year later Mr. Green held 100% ownership of the bank’s holding company - B.O.E Bancshares. At the time, the Bank of Elgin had about $24 million in total assets.

In 1998, Buddy built a new location at 44th and Gore Boulevard in Lawton. This new branch would be the first step in a plan for growth and acquisition, the likes of which the bank had not experienced in its almost 100-year history. To further demonstrate his intentions, Green purchased Lawton’s old Public Service Company building and completely renovated it to become the Bank’s flagship location.

GoreAs the Bank’s reach and customer base grew, it became apparent that it was time for a new name – one that would unite the communities it serves. In 2002, the Bank of Elgin became Liberty National Bank, representing the communities of Lawton, Elgin, and Medicine Park.

By 2013, Liberty National Bank’s assets topped $250 million. That same year, Liberty acquired Chickasha Bank & Trust Company, bringing total assets to $430 million.

In 2019, Buddy decided to expand once again by entering the Oklahoma City market by building a new full service facility in South OKC.  With assets topping $700 million this is the first step in LNB's future strategy for the metro area.

Then in 2022 LNB once again expanded, this time to Texas. With assets reaching a billion, LNB chose its Texas location due to the growing customer base in the DFW area.

Liberty National Bank remains under the ownership of the Green Family and proud shareholders. Today, LNB serves customers all across Oklahoma and North Texas with locations in Lawton, Chickasha, Elgin, Blanchard, Medicine Park, Apache, Oklahoma City and Frisco.

LNB-Main-LocationThrough toil and triumph, Liberty National Bank has been instrumental in the growth and success of Oklahoma over the last 120 years. Like the people whose livelihood is made in this one-of-a-kind region, Liberty recognizes hard work, can-do attitudes, and helping people get ahead. This spirit of shared success means Liberty National Bank is committed to the communities it serves, now more than ever before.

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