Business Checking Account

Benefits of a business checking account

Keeping personal and business accounts separate is recommended. To learn more about the benefits of a business checking account, contact Liberty National Bank....Read More

Are Savings Accounts Worth It


According to a recent study, around 78% of Americans have a savings account. It was also found that 71% prefer to keep their savings in physical/brick-and-mortar banks. This just shows that most people still use traditional/regular savings accounts to this day...Read More

Debit card or checkProtect your name=

how to protect your debit/credit card

With spring almost here, more people will be outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  This means you may need cash, gas for your vehicle, or make home improvements.  It is also the time scammers like to prey on people's credit or debit card.  When you need to use your card for a purchase check out the device before you insert your card.  Here are a few tips to help keep you safe....Read More

Debit card or checkProtect your name=


Over the years many people have written checks to pay bills or make purchases. Then around the mid-1970s debit cards were introduced.  People were slow to adopt them but around 2009 they started to take off. Now more and more people prefer them for various reasons...Read More

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