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We offer fast and secure card options, making purchases easy and convenient. Whether you're looking for a debit card, a corporate credit card, or even a gift card, we have you covered. See more benefits below, give us a call 855-351-2265, chat with us, or stop in for more information.

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TRACKING BUSINESS Purchases has never been easier

Debit Cards

Liberty National Bank offers Visa® Business Debit Cards for business account holders and their authorized employees. As an authorized cardholder, you can make everyday business purchases using your card and the funds will be withdrawn directly from your business account. Customized employee card access available. Enjoy all the convenient services of our Visa debit cards. 

  1. Receive your debit card instantly at any LNB branch
  2. Card features through CardValet (view tutorials)
    1. Text alerts
    2. Spending insights
    3. Control when, where and how your card is used
    4. Manage travel plans
  3. Utilize Mobile Wallet for cardless transactions with your phone or mobile device
  4. Tap and go with our contactless debit card

 Important Phone Numbers for Debit Card Users

  • Debit Card Activation and/or Change PIN: 800-567-3451
  • After Hours Lost/Stolen Cards: 800-554-8969

Credit Cards

We make it easy to choose the credit card that best fits your business needs.

  1. No annual or a low annual fee, depending on which card you choose
  2. 25-day interest-free grace period on all purchases
  3. Competitive ongoing APR1

Learn more

¹Please see application for information about current APRs and fees

Gift Cards

The perfect gift is one with endless possibilities! Whether you need an individual gift or one for every employee in your company, our gift cards are guaranteed to please!

  1. Secure
  2. Make purchases anywhere in the US where Visa is accepted
  3. Available at any of our locations
  4. Cards can be purchased for only $5.00
  5. Load any amount between $25.00 and $1,000.00

dash - payments made easy


The dash®Payroll card provides a better way to deliver wages to employees. Integrating seamlessly with your current payroll process, dash®Payroll saves time and money, while giving employees valuable features and benefits.

Employers: fund pay cards directly via ACH, reducing or eliminating paper check expenses
Employees: can spend, pay bills, transfer funds, manage money all on one card

Deliver more with dashPayroll Cards. Paying employees doesn't have to be complicated. Simplify and streamline your payroll with dash®Payroll cards and deliver more value to employees.


Consider your expenses managed! dash®Purchasing cards bring consistency, compliance and control to corporate purchasing. Use dash® instead of credit to track and move money in real time; and give employees selective access to company funds--only when and where they need them.

- Setup automatic reloads and low funds notifications
- Add, remove, or freeze funds in seconds online or in the app
- Eliminate reimbursement processes and manual expense reports
- Order new or replacement cards in seconds

dash® protects business accounts from misuse, theft, and fraud. It eliminates the need for petty cash or checks and fills the gap between credit and personal reimbursement.


Fast and secure payment delivery. The dash®Disbursement card provides businesses a better way to deliver funds to customers, vendors, or business partners. Paper checks are costly, cumbersome, and bog down cash flow. With dash®Disbursement, companies can replace checks with digital or prepaid cards to make faster and more secure payments. dash®Disbursement saves businesses time and money, and gives payees quicker access to their funds.

- Reduce costs associated with paper checks
- Integrate easily into existing processes
- Better experiences with quicker access to funds for payees
- Streamlined reconciliation with real-time reporting
- Reduce risk of check fraud and more secure payments

Deliver more with dash®Disbursement


The most flexible way to give value. dash®Reward delivers choice, flexibility and value to employees, customers and vendors. From rewarding length-of-service and performance milestones, to delivering timely sales incentives, each card delivers meaningful value that employees and partners love.

- Rewards integrate into your platform for any campaign
- Choose standard designs or customize with your brand
- Reload cards online for ongoing incentives and rewards
- Choose any card value and deliver almost anywhere
- Reward performance, drive behavior, improve loyalty

Deliver better results with dash®Reward Cards.

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